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Piauí has the smallest coastline in the country, divided into 3 cities: Parnaíba, Luís Correia and Cajueiro da Praia, with an extension of just 66km of beaches, however, very well configured by a wild and preserved nature, dunes, mangroves and lagoons. Despite only 66 km of coastline, its waters are crystal clear and have white sand, quiet or even more popular beaches, there is something for all tastes. For this reason it is among the most beautiful beaches in the country. If being a paradise wasn't enough, Piauí's beaches are considered the best in the world for practicing water sports due to some spots that have perfect waves and winds. The beaches in Piauí welcome tourists from all over the world to practice kitesurfing and surfing. Other locations offer boat trips, speedboat excursions, kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding and surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons.


Seahorse ecological route

The tour to see these animals was created by the community itself and is the most popular among tourists.

Manatee tour

The project is the only one on the planet where species monitoring is carried out in the open sea.

The Route of Emotions

The delta of the Americas with its water mirrors, mangroves, dunes and enchanting lagoons has the shape of an open hand that invites you to discover it!

A state of unique beauties

Where to go in Piauí?

Piauí Coast

Ecological tourism, international kitesurfing championships and regional cuisine on 66km of coastline.

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Pedro II

It is called "Land of Opal", as well as "Suíça Piauí", due to its mountainous climate.

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Serra da Capivara

Site of archaeological preservation with a great wealth of remains that have been preserved for millennia.

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